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Welcome to Sonnier Wig Spa

At Sonnier Wig Spa, we specialize in professional wig care, offering a range of services from basic cleaning to wig repair, all designed to extend the life and beauty of your wig.

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List of Services

To ensure that we meet your specific needs, all listed services are booked following an initial consultation. This allows us to assess the extent of the work required and tailor our services accordingly. Schedule your consultation today to get started on your personalized wig care journey!

Initial Consultation - $10

Free with service booking ($10 without). Discuss your wig’s specific needs with our experts during an initial consultation, free with any service booking.

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Wig Cleaning and Conditioning - $35

Enjoy our complete cleaning service which includes a thorough inspection, gentle detangling, a wash with specially formulated shampoo, and conditioning tailored for human hair wigs, followed by air-drying on a stand to preserve the shape and integrity.

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Simple Styling - $30

After a clean and condition, choose our simple styling to have your wig brushed and set into a basic style using minimal products, ensuring your wig maintains its natural look and feel.

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Curling/Straightening - $45

Revamp your style with our curling or straightening services. We apply safe, controlled heat and protective products to style your human hair wig, keeping it looking flawless.

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Restyling - $50

Refresh your look with our expert restyling services. Our skilled stylists expertly transform your wig to match your style preferences, using advanced techniques to ensure a perfect fit. Ideal for refreshing your current look or trying something new, all while preserving the natural beauty of your human hair wig.

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Deep Conditioning Treatment - $40

Our deep conditioning treatment is perfect for human hair wigs that need extra care. This treatment restores moisture and vibrancy, especially beneficial for wigs exposed to regular styling and environmental elements.

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Minor Repairs - $30

Extend the life of your wig with our minor repair services, including sewing up small tears or tightening loose wefts, performed with precision and care.

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Hair Ventilation - Starting at $50

Our hair ventilation service involves adding new strands to your wig to enhance fullness or replace lost fibers, helping to rejuvenate its overall appearance. This service starts at $50, with the final price depending on the extent of hair addition needed. Please consult with our specialists to determine your specific requirements.

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